Compliance Risk Assessments

A compliance management framework is intended to manage compliance risks. That is why a thorough risk analysis forms a solid basis for any compliance policy.

The better the insight into the compliance risks, the better the compliance management framework can respond to managing them. In a risk analysis, Simon Consulting therefore maps out in interaction with the customer what the compliance risks are, what the consequences of those risks can be for the organization and how great the chance is of such risks.

Based on a risk inventory, we can design and set up procedures and controls that are part of the compliance management framework.

It is always paramount that the risk analysis must be aimed at an effective compliance management framework.

Corruption Risk

When trading with specific countries, there may be a high risk of corruption.

It is therefore important to know in which countries which risks occur, and to what extent they apply to, for example, personnel from those countries.

All this data is included in the risk analysis.

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